Fighting Marijuana Related Drug Charges

If you’ve been arrested for committing a crime involving marijuana, you might not be guilty. Oftentimes, in Houston, police officers will detain someone due to the alleged “smell” of marijuana; however, having the officer smell marijuana is not a criminal offense. Maybe the officer smells his or her own weed? Maybe they smell the weed of a passerby, or maybe, […]

The Misunderstood 5th Amendment

When it comes to communicating with officers of the judicial system, and understanding the protections afforded to all Americans by the U.S. Constitution, The 5th Amendment is more about keeping innocent people from becoming their own worse enemy as opposed to helping the guilty avoid testifying against themselves. Its important to know that even if you tell the police the […]

Marijuana and the Law in Texas

Look, we all know that marijuana is a highly popular drug among people of all walks of life and economic disposition, but it is illegal and classified as a controlled substance in Texas which means using or possessing marijuana are grounds for arrest by law enforcement. Trust me, the Harris County jail is loaded with suspected criminal offenders who were […]