Family Law
Private Investigators Help With Family Cases

Private Investigators Help With Family Cases

If you practice family law in Houston, TX and have not yet considered hiring a private investigator like Investigator J.J. Gradoni or an equivalent, you are wasting your resources and time. When handling a case involving family matters such as child custody and divorce, you will need to build a strong case. The process will include gathering facts so that you can do through grilling while on the decks. Recent research has shown that conducting intensive research can strengthen your case by 75%.

Benefits of hiring a Houston Private Investigator

The judge awards custody to the most responsible and reliable parent, so they look deeply into the issue. The following are reasons why family law practitioners and individuals who have a family case should consider hiring a family law practitioner.

Getting the facts

Family issues such as civil unions, child abuse, and marriage leave the parties emotionally challenged. During this time, it may be hard to find the truth since the people involved give information based on what will suit them. However, private investigators will look deeply into the matter and check for the truth that is not being said. This ensures a fair trial.

Neglect and abuse

The negligence or mishandling of children by either of the parties is usually a determining factor in child custody cases. If for sure a parent abused the child, then it is not advisable to give that parent custody as it shows that he or she is irresponsible. Such facts should be researched thoroughly so that the information is incorporated as proof during the case. Abuse and neglect are serious accusations and should be treated as such.

Constructive investigation

When it comes to child custody, parents have a huge misconception. They believe that the principal objective is to tarnish each others image. On the contrary, they should pay attention to their strengths. Thus, a constructive investigation by private investigators ensures that the parents give more information about their positive sides as opposed to the downside.

Working with system

An important factor with regards to family law cases is the realization that the judiciary cannot be changed overnight. The system works as per the facts gathered. Private investigators understand this point. That is why they present substantial evidence that can be presented in a courtroom.

How a private investigator can help with your family-related case

Private investigators conduct a discrete investigation that can assist in building your case.

Examples of child custody cases they can help with:

  • Collected evidence of custodial parent’s drug use
  • Proven neglect of the child
  • Proof of alcohol use by non-custodian parent
  • Confirmed criminal record of either parent

Child support examples:

  • Proof of hidden business
  • Found hidden money and assets
  • Proved insincerity of parent while presenting financial statements
  • Established employment of parent

Hiring a Houston Private Investigator

In most states, there is an official body that authorizes private investigators. Thus, before hiring one, you need to ensure that they are licensed. It is also wise to inquire about his experience. The longer the experience, the better when it comes to handling family law matters. You can also ask for the contacts of previous clients. Ask the past clients how their experience working with the individual was like, and this will help you understand what to expect. Consider their specialization. Private investigators are not good at everything. Some are good at divorce cases while others have specialized in child custody.