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State of Texas Vs. Sex Criminals

State of Texas Vs. Sex Criminals

As with most laws, the state of Texas takes their sex crime laws seriously. A sex crime is considered the violation of a law that has to do with sexual activities or intentions. Examples of offenses that could be regarded as a sex crime in Houston are,

  • sexual assault,
  • child molestation,
  • incest,
  • statutory rape,
  • indecent exposure,
  • child pornography,
  • prostitution,
  • solicitation, etc.

If you’re facing criminal charges for a sex crime in Houston, it’s best to seek out a qualified Houston sex crimes attorney as soon as possible. It could mean the difference between going to jail and going home.

Sex Crimes & The Information Age

One of the sex crimes that has become more of an issue with rise of high-end mobile technology is child pornography. These days with technology at everyone’s fingertips it is easier to get a hold of and produces images and videos of things that may have been difficult twenty years ago. As with any crime involving children being the victim, the state of Texas works hard to stop child pornography.

Resource on Child Pornography & Sex Crime Statistics: Pure Hope

About Child Pornography Offenses

Child pornography describes any sort of media including videos, pictures, or writings that depict any sort of sexual act with a child. Any nude or inappropriate photo or video of anyone under eighteen years of age falls under the category of child pornography.

It is a felony in every state and against federal law to be involved in the production or distribution of child pornography. It is against the law everywhere in the U.S. to be in possession of any type of child porn.

Effects on Children

The major concern that makes child pornography a serious felony charge is that the child gets abused in the process. The abuse that the child endures during the production of child pornography can stay with them for life. Abused children are more susceptible for mental issues and social problems as an adult.

Law Enforcement Versus Sexual Predators

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors all over the country pursue and prosecute child pornography suspects. Resources are spent to track down and eliminate child pornography distribution rings. In some cases, child pornography can be related to sex & human trafficking operations. Public officials are charged with eliminating the criminal organizations that are responsible for such crimes that abuse children.

Texas law strictly outlaws the promotion, use, or exploitation of children under 18 for performance or employment or conduct of sexual acts or depictions of acts of a sexual nature. Sexual conduct can include sexual contact, actual or simulated intercourse, bestiality, or masturbation.

When offenses involve sexual conduct with a child, Federal charges usually get filed. Federal sex crime charges carry more substantial penalties and fines. Those convicted must register as sex offenders for the rest of their life after they serve up to twenty years in prison for each crime. If a person is convicted a second time of a child pornography-related charge, they will face up to forty years in prison for each charge.

However, as with any crime, not always the person accused is guilty of the crime. Many people get wrongfully arrested and sometimes even wrongfully convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. Many of those being accused of child pornography related charges may be innocent of the crime.

The penalties associated with child pornography related convictions are stiff. Anyone one who is accused of a sex crime in Houston should contact an experienced sex crimes lawyer immediately.

State of Texas Vs. Sex Criminals